HCD 02 - Define Research Method of Eating Healthier Food

Our team decided to pursue Challenge 2 because we believe it is highly relevant to HK.

Although a large varieties of food options are readily available, none of us believe the food we are eating is healthy! We all want to eat healthier food, but there are different reasons hindering us to do so.

Thus, we decided to speak to different full time office workers who always work overtime in Hong Kong to:
- Understand the importance of 'eating healthier food' in their eating habits and food selection process
- Their definition of 'healthier food options' and current barriers to eat healthier
- Awareness to existing healthier food options, and areas to improve to increase their consumption of healthier food options.

We also gave ourselves a little healthy treat at the end of our meetup... Carrot and Tofu Chocolate cake with tea... not too bad for a beautiful Saturday! #hcdstoryteller   




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