HCD 01 - Warm Up & Solve a daily commmunte challenge



We are pleased to complete Workshop 1 together in a nice, relaxing Saturday afternoon. At the end of the meetup, we came up with an idea and prototype that we've been dreaming for.

One of our members is a typical office lady, walking (in fact, running when she is late!) from point A to B on high-heels is very frustrating and painful. We came up with an idea of 'retractable' high-heels, and this is how it works:
- There is a sensor on the high-heels which can be connected to the user's mobile.
- User can retract the heels by pressing the button on the mobile when she has to run and catch the bus.
- By pressing the button again, the heels will extend so that user can present herself professionally during a business meeting.

Aha! Great ideas = Great teamwork, and we all look forward to our next meetup! =)