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Uffe ELBÆK — Change the Game:Understanding Project Design

imvenus design

Most projects and enterprises start with one good idea and then jump to team level organisational planning. But Uffe ELBÆK said this process is flawed as the team risks disappearing inside an idea, ignoring the values of the project and whether it addresses real needs in society.

9 steps of Project Design :
- - (Flow of the white board)- - -

As a tri-sector leader with government, business and non-profit sector experience, Uffe shared his insights in Project Design, a 8-step entrepreneurial process reflecting on needs and values which he developed with the founder of VISA International and practiced in his own innovative ventures. 

Further Reading about the event: MaDAsia
About the speaker - Uffe ELBÆK Member of the Danish Parliament

Uffe is a Member of the Danish Parliament and former Minister for Culture of Denmark.  He founded the “KaosPilots - International School of New Business Design and Social Innovation” (KP) in 1991 and was its Principal for 15 years, developing the school as a unique tertiary institution for changemakers and entrepreneurs from all fields. 

KP inspired the creation of similar schools in Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands.  Uffe also founded “Change the Game”, a consultancy focusing onleadership training, political campaigning and social innovation since 2010.

Starry Laser Cut

imvenus design

My first attempt to conduct laser cutting on plywood by the machine model Universal2.3. (Pressure 100%, speed 80%.) Explore the visual and physical form of my personal logo.
It will be super fun to build a 2D to 3D starry planet by the laser cut and  joint technique. For sure, in advance level. :-)

The above starry piece was made in LAB by Dimension+ HK. Through the three hours workshop (over-run 2:00-4:00 pm :-P), I had a basic understanding of the technique for its history,  application, and the various possibility to apply in 3D pieces making, by folding and bending.

The 6 points star visual was inspired by my English name and six fingers by birth nature.